Cosmetic Medicine

Natural and Beautiful

If you’re after a treatment that’s tailored just to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether its a comprehensive full-face treatment plan, or just a small-area treatment. You will benefit from Dr Holmes’ long experience with a large variety of injectable products, used with the most up-to-date injection techniques.

Our caring team will take time to answer your questions, understand your aims and advise you of the appropriate treatment for you.

A plan just for you

You will not be rushed in and out, with a “paint-by-numbers” kind of injection plan, but given a unique plan just for you. Time is also taken to make sure the treatment is as comfortable as possible with numbing creams and injections as required.

Beautiful surroundings in a tranquil location combined with expert, medical management gives you the best of both worlds.

Less is more

With all our cosmetic procedures, we believe that “less is more”. When you go out to face the world after your treatment, the reaction you want is, “Looking good”, isn’t it? You don’t want, “Had some work done, then?” Don’t trust just anyone with your face!

Your clinician, Dr Kathryn Holmes, has been working in the cosmetic treatment field since 2002, training with a leading Sydney cosmetic surgeon.

She is a founding member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Browse our website or call The Mayah Clinic on 02 4954 5044 for an appointment.

lady in clinic having botox injection to lip