Dermapen / Microneedling


Price varies according for half face to full face $210.00 – $390.00

Escargot Skin Glow

This is a fabulous skin boost for busy women.


A light micro-needling treatment infusing Tensage SCA Biorepair growth factors, amino acids and antioxidants. This results in a facial treatment combining the stimulating effects of skin micro-needling with powerful growth factors harnessed by scientists from secretions products by the Cryptomphalus aspera snail that is clinically proven to deliver rejuvenating benefits to the skin. NOT your average garden snail!



– Overall skin rejuvenation
– Increased collagen
– Smoother, brighter skin


(Tensage is the only skincare line with the extensive scientific research and evidence that supports long term dermatological benefits of snail secretion & eggs)


This treatment is a quicker, lighter and has less downtime then our general Microneedling treatment. Depending on your concerns we can recommend which needling treatment will best suit your skin.

They said it couldn’t be done


Lines and wrinkles, lines around eyes, scarring, redness, hard-to-reach areas for treatment

What does skin needling do?

Dermapen’s unique, vertical, micro-needling technology means it’s safe to use, can effectively treat hard to reach places (e.g. around the eyes, nose, and lips) and penetrate scar tissue more easily.

Dermapen promotes scarless healing and collagen growth in a similar way to laser treatments and chemical peels, but without the side effects and downtime.

If you’re looking to treat those areas that other clinics have told you are impossible to reach, then look no further.

Our caring team will explain the procedure and reassure you so you feel safe and secure in your choice.

To talk about how we can help you with hard-to-reach skin conditions, call us on 02 4954 5044 for an appointment.