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Ticket Bookings via TryBooking


Right Treatment


At the Mayah Clinic we will customise your treatment for you and your individual needs.


View our Right Treatment for You page.


Please book in for an initial consultation so we can be sure you get the right treatment.


At this appointment we will explain all the different procedure options and provide you with a quote.

The Mayah Clinic specials

Our Services

Mayah Clinic laser treatments

Laser Therapy

We have multiple

laser platforms

so we can always find one

that’s just right for you.

The Mayah Clinic cosmetic medicine

Cosmetic Medicine

If you’re after

a treatment that’s

tailored just to you,

then you’ve come to the right place.

Mayah Clinic beauty therapy

Beauty Treatments

Our luxury

Mayah Clinic packages

and skin analysis

provide world-class

skin analysis and luxurious facials.

Mayah Clinic cosmetic tattooing

Cosmetic Tattooing

This is a procedure is when

pigments are implanted

beneath the first layers

of skin to give a lasting “makeup” effect.

Mayah Clinic skin care products

Skin Care Products

Good skin care is vital

as you take a significant

step toward improving the

appearance and health of your skin.

The Mayah Clinic Dermatology services


Whatever your skin condition

we assess you first

and develop a

treatment plan for  you.

About Us

The Mayah Clinic - Dr Kathryn Holmes

At The Mayah Clinic, you’ll benefit from the experience of our founder, who is a medically trained cosmetic physician, Dr Kathryn Holmes.


She has a background of 15 years general practice in the Hunter Region. Dr. Holmes has been in the skin and cosmetic medicine industry since 2002.

Our Mission


provide each person with an individual assessment, program and treatment.


recommend only products and treatments that we truly believe in, for realistic effective results as a team, to strive for excellence and best possible outcomes for every single visit.


create a “community” where each client feels valued and important.

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