Cold Laser – Photonic 500

Cold Laser – Photonic 500 and Polylaser Derma


These are therapeutic, low-intensity, non-thermal lasers, developed in Germany (sometimes referred to as LILT – Low Intensity Laser Therapy).


Clinical trials have shown that applying particular wavelengths of laser light at certain low-energy levels results in an increase in cellular energy levels, resulting in systemic changes in body tissues. Cells in the skin, muscle and even bones can absorb this energy, which allows the cells to function at their genetic best.


The results include muscle lifting and tightening, (great for necks!) increased collagen production, increased healing time and better quality healed tissues in injuries or post surgery, reduction in inflammation and pain and so on.


Cold laser can treat a variety of conditions including:

• Skin and muscle rejuvenation for face and neck.
• Sagging skin
• Poor Texture
• Acne & acne scarring
• Scars & Wound healing
• Inflammatory skin conditions like dermatitis, rashes, eczema

No downtime or pain

Ask us what Cold Laser can do for you, with no pain or downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cold Laser Work?

Different wavelengths of light in varying outputs are applied to the target area. As a result of research studies, the best currently known combinations of wavelengths and output energies are recommended for different conditions.

High end effective machines, like the R-J Laser from
Germany that we use at the Mayah Clinic have detailed software programs that can be selected to automatically choose the best settings. This is a complex field and using proven settings will allow the best results. (Because of this variety of potential settings it is a field that can be mis-understood when searching for recorded results. If you are not comparing the same settings in a research study, you will not see the best results.)

Research into the effectiveness of cold laser therapy is on-going, but there is enough known to recommend it, and to explain the results we see. It can only get better!

Generally speaking, the longer the wavelength the deeper the penetration of the energy. For example, when used to treat joints and bones, penetration can be achieved up to 5 cm into the body.


What does Cold Laser feel like?
This can vary depending on the condition being treated. With inflamed or injured tissue, patients will often feel a gentle “buzzing”. When used over a tender scar, there could be slightly uncomfortable spots. However, often it is difficult to feel anything at all during a treatment.


What is Cold Laser used for?
Doctors, dentists, physical therapists and other medical professionals use cold laser therapy in a variety of ways. It is common in Germany for many general practices to use cold lasers regularly.

At the Mayah Clinic our most common uses are
• Skin and muscle rejuvenation for face and neck.
• Acne
• Inflammatory skin conditions like dermatitis, rashes, eczema and so on
• Scars and wound healing
• Cold sores
• Bruising


How many treatments will I need?

Cold laser is actually creating change / improvement in cell function. This energy has to be applied repeatedly to achieve best lasting effects, in most cases.
Exactly what number of sessions and how frequent will need to be decided by your clinician.
For example, in the case of skin rejuvenation, it is recommended to have one session a week for 6 weeks, and then gradually extend the time between visits, until usually one maintenance session every 4-6 weeks will sustain the changes.

Cold Laser Photonic 500