Cold Laser – Photonic 500

Comfortable laser experience

A comfortable relaxing effective laser experience with Cold Laser Photonic 500


Sagging skin, poor texture to skin, fine lines, dehydrated skin, acne scarring.

Sports injuries, muscular aches and pains, wound healing, post-surgical scars, plantar fasciitis, tendon strain


Cold Laser – Photonic 500 and Polylaser Derma

About the Photonic 500 and Polylaser Derma

These are therapeutic, low-intensity, non-thermal lasers, developed in Germany (sometimes referred to as LILT – Low Intensity Laser Therapy).

Clinical trials have shown that applying particular wavelengths of laser light at certain low-energy levels results in an increase in cellular energy levels, resulting in systemic changes in body tissues.Cells in the skin, muscle and even bones can absorb this energy, which allows the cells to function at their genetic best.

The results include muscle lifting and tightening,( great for necks!) increased collagen production, increased healing time and better quality healed tissues in injuries or post surgery, reduction in inflammation and pain and so on.

No downtime or pain

Ask us what Cold Laser can do for you, with no pain or downtime.

A series of treatments are required over a period of usually 6 weeks initially. However, the best treatment regime will depend on the condition being treated.

Bottom line

You have a more-comfortable, laser experience that still gets the job done.

We’ve had great success with this particular technology – why not give it a try?

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