Payment Plans

Direct Debit Payment Plans – Your Plan for a Better You


As of the 1st of March The Mayah Clinic will be offering payment plans for selected treatments and procedures through MyHealth&Beauty. This means you can receive the treatment you need now, without having to worry about upfront lump sum payments. The plan can be customised to suit your individual needs.


Each tailored payment plan is managed by MyHealth&Beauty direct debit services for your convenience and so we can focus on you and your needs.


  • Simple, one-page Direct Debit payment plan form
  • Choose your repayment period and direct debit frequency 
  • Start your treatment straight away and spread the cost over time


There is no interest to pay or credit or finance contracts for our MyHealth&Beauty payment plans. Client fees include:


  •  $39 plan set up fee (applies for each payment plan)
  •  Bank transaction fees for each payment – $0.88 OR $1.75% surcharge if using a credit/debit card
  • 3% Payment Plan clinic management fee


Plans cover amounts from $500 – $9000. With a maximum term of 12 months at The Mayah Clinic.


You can use My Health&beauty payment plan for a one off expense for either products or a service. But, talk to us about how to use a payment plan to cover a customised plan of treatments for the coming year.


For example, you may want to have a monthly Enzyme Reactivation Facial and LED treatment. You may also plan to have 3 Broadband Light sessions and 2 microneedling visits. We can calculate the total expense of this (allowing you to experience the benefit of the savings accrued by purchasing a series of treatments), and package it up in the single payment plan, spreading the cost over 12 months in more manageable regular debits. Even allowing for the 3% surcharge incurred, you will still be from 8-10% ahead, by purchasing a series instead of individual treatment sessions. This way you have “packaged “ up the maintenance of your skin health. Simple!


Be aware that some payment plans are in breach of The Medical Board of Australian’s guidelines for registered medical practitioners who perform cosmetic medical and surgical procedures. BUT MyHealth&Beauty payment system is completely in line with the Medical Board’s guidelines.


So please feel at ease and talk to us about payment plans so we can help you achieve your goals today.


For more information call us on 02 4954 5044.