PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is the process of taking your blood and creating a natural cell and growth factor packed product to inject into your skin.


It has been around for years, but now independent studies have shown that you need to concentrate that plasma more than 5 times the normal baseline levels to achieve the very best repeatable results.


Many current systems do Not achieve this. Emcyte Pure PRP does.


Emcyte technology produces a platelet rich plasma product 7 times as concentrated as most other companies.


So, All platelet treatments are NOT the same.


Emcyte Corporation is the world leader in Platelet Rich Plasma and Progenitor Stem Cell Biologics. Their products meet the highest achievable performance standards. Over 20 years they have worked to stay at the cutting edge of clinical excellence.


Clinics are loving the Emcyte technology because, not only is it designed to produce high quality outcomes, but it is a hygienic sealed system that allows blood taking, the dual centrifuge process and injections all in the same visit. Not only that, Emcyte has been recorded as achieving one of the purest samples of any PRP system with the lowest levels of red blood cells – and this greatly improves results.


What can Emcyte Pure PRP do for you?

Emcyte is able to harness and enhance the body’s natural healing mechanisms and stimulate your tissue regeneration to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, restore volume and improve skin clarity. This means a younger fresher appearance.


What happens at my Emcyte visit?

First, your blood will be drawn. ( If you are someone who has a lot of trouble providing blood for medical testing, this may not be the treatment for you!). Then an anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area we are treating.


Now, there is a two step process of spinning your blood. This high tech German centrifuge allows quick effective concentration. The first spin separates the Platelet Plasma suspension from the red blood cells. The second spin creates a concentrated platelet buffycoat. This is mixed with a tiny bit of the plasma to produce the final product. This final product is then mixed with a little Xylocaine to make the process of injection more comfortable.


How is the natural Emcyte concentrate spread into the skin?

Although using a microneedling treatment to absorb the product has been used in the past, this is not the most effective method. By injecting the product under the skin, even in the fat layers, or even as deep as on the bone, we can naturally stimulate volumisation and skin tighening, as well as skin smoothing and firming. The injections are mostly performed in a fanning action with a long fine needle.


When will I see results from my Emcyte PRP treatment?

As with all natural rejuvenation techniques, it takes time for the tissues to respond. After 3 weeks smoother glowing skin should be seen. About 6 months after the third treatment in the initial series, you will be at the peak of your improvement.

Remember, in this natural rejuvenation process, we are using your own growth and healing factors. Variation in results can be occur, and are generally a reflection of the quality of the individual patients plasma.


Can anyone have Emcyte Pure PRP?

• It is not recommended for those who are very unwell, or who have cancer.
• It is not recommended for people with veins that make taking blood difficult.
• It is not recommended for heavy smokers as smokers generally have very poor growth and healing factors in their blood.
• It is not recommended for people who have had long lasting dermal fillers injected like Sculptra, Radiesse, or Aquamid, or in people who have had filler injections overseas and are not sure what that filler was.
• It is not recommended for people taking corticosteroids.
• It is not recommended for people who are pregnant or breast feeding – as is the case for any cosmetic procedures.
• If you are taking something that makes you prone to bruising – that’s OK BUT you may bruise a lot.



What are the risks or Emcyte Pure PRP?

This natural regenerative treatment is very safe, as the active product is from your own blood.


However, possible risks include:

• bruising in the treatment area or the blood collection site.
• some discomfort during treatment.
• swelling of the treatment area. This could last for 1-3 days.
• erythema ( redness) of the treated area.
• tenderness of the treated area for 1-3 days post treatment.
• infection would be a rare but possible event.
• allergic reaction to the anaesthetic used.


Although good results are expected, the degree of success cannot be guaranteed because of each individuals blood actives.



How long will the results of my Emcyte Pure PRP last?

Results of course are not permanent as ageing, genetics and environmental effects are ongoing. It is recommended to have a treatment twice a year for maintenance.


What should I do before my visit?

Being well hydrated is important, both before and after. Where possible, avoid things that will make you prone to bruising (aspirin, Nurofen, Vit E, fish oil, glucosamine, alcohol etc).


How long is the downtime with Emcyte Pure PRP?

It will usually take a few days for any swelling to completely settle. Bruising can vary from person to person. Makeup can be applied over the area. Panadol can be used if required for any discomfort. Hirudoid cream can be used on any bruising.