broadband light before and after Newcastle




As our skin ages due to excess sun exposure and decreased production of collagen, skin rejuvenation with BBL helps you maintain a fresher, younger appearance.


BBL can treat:
-Pigmentation & Sun damage
-Redness and broken capilerries
-Enlarged pores
-Skin quality & texture


Remember when you are preparing for a BBL session to:
-Avoid sun exposure for the preceding of 4 weeks
-No fake tan for at least 2 weeks before
-If you have melasma you will need to be pre-treated (Dr Holmes can advise you about this)
-If you are VERY prone to cold sores, you may need an anti viral before your BBL


How does BBL compare with IPL?
BBL is essentially a highly advanced version of IPL. It is more accurate and specific with more customisation possible. There is lower risk of complications and downtime, and fewer treatments needed to achieve best results. The skill of the operator is still important though to get the most from this gold standard technology.