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The Mayah Clinic was founded in 2014 by Dr. Dr. Kathryn Holmes, an experienced Cosmetic Physician working in the business since 2003.

She has surrounded herself with a highly qualified team, sharing her passion for healthy skin, and natural rejuvenation inside and out.

This professional boutique clinic is the perfect setting to provide the best, well-researched, results driven skin care products and treatments.

We aim to support every valued client in their unique, customised skin health journey.

The Mayah Clinic - Dr Kathryn Holmes

Right Treatment

At the Mayah Clinic we will customise your treatment plan for you and your individual needs. We want to take that journey to healthy beautiful skin with you.

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Please book in for an initial consultation so we can be sure you get the right treatment plan.

At this appointment we will explain treatment and product options that can deliver the results you need. A cost outline is included in this management plan.