About ThermiSmooth

ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive skin treatment using radio-frequency energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten existing collagen fibres to improve skin texture and quality.


The ThermiRF Platform we use at The Mayah Clinic is FDA and TGA approved. It has a built-in temperature probe to precisely measure the amount of energy being delivered.

There are several different strengths in the thermismooth range. Some do travel deep into tissues however the device we use at the Mayah Clinic is for skin, rather than deeper tissue. As a result it does not affect fat and is a very safe device for facial treatments.

Used to Treat

  • Sagging skin
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Droopy eyelid skin
  • Crepey skin texture
  • Cheek lines
  • Smile lines


No anaesthetic is needed for this process of gentle heating. It feels a bit like a hot rock massage. We want you to feel welcome to talk to our experts throughout the session giving feedback on the degree of comfort.

A small amount of ultrasound gel will be applied to the skin. The system is set to a specific target temperature – (i.e 42-45ºC). Your therapist will gradually raise the skin temperature to the target zone. As the skin’s temperature rises the computer adjusts the energy output to ensure precision heating. The area needs to be maintained at the target temperature for about 5-7 minutes (dependant on the region involved).

It is our clinic knowledge that once clients experience a session and know how it feels for them, it becomes a relaxing visit.


Stay well-hydrated before the treatment, as hydrated skin tends to respond better to the procedure.

Remove all makeup, creams, lotions, and jewellery from the treatment area before the session.

It’s important to follow our instructions closely to ensure the best possible results and minimise any potential risks.


What is it good to treat?

Thermismooth is a treatment for lax skin, particularly the delicate skin around the eyes. It can help lift droopy eyelid skin and reduce fine lines. It is also effective for addressing skin on the neck and certain cheek lines. The suitability of Thermismooth depends on factors such as skin thickness and other soft tissue considerations. A consultation is recommended to determine the potential benefits and suitability for individual patients.

Can anyone have ThermiSmooth?

All skin types can be safely treated with ThermiSmooth. It uses electrical energy though, so any one with an electrically sensitive medical device implanted cannot have this treatment – for example a pacemaker, defibrillator, or cochlear implant.

How does ThermiSmooth work?

ThermiSmooth works by heating the skin to a temperature above 42ºC, which triggers the tightening of collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen through the body’s natural healing response. The goal is to deliver precise and controlled heat without overheating the skin. The ThermiSmooth device is designed to meet these challenges safely and comfortably.

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