Anti Wrinkle Injections – less is more

What is baby botox?

Anti wrinkle injections ( Botox, Dysport and Xeomin available in Australia) are used in many medical situations now, but in babies? No. This is a term coined some years ago for small doses of B toxin.The development of this kind of dosing for Botox was instigated by Hollywood film directors who objected to the “frozen” faces created be heavy handed Botox treatments.The Mayah Clinic - Elizabeth Hurley anti wrinkle injections

Martin Scorsese famously complained that his actresses’ perfectly smooth foreheads allowed for no dramatic expression. Paul de Freitas, a member of the British Casting directors Guild who has worked with Elizabeth Hurley and Catherine Zeta-Jones says “Being an actor is about expressing feelings, and if you cant move your face or feel your lips, that makes it difficult”. I’d say it makes being a regular functioning human difficult too!

Finessing treatment methods

Since the introduction of Botox and Dermal Fillers, practitioners have been adapting and finessing treatment methods. Its not about trying to stop all movement or fill every line if that means looking strange and unnatural. ( I remember seeing a client years ago who had received 200 units in her face and hadn’t been able to move her mouth and chew to eat for a month!) Sky high eyebrows and expressionless faces should not be acceptable these days.

So, with anti wrinkle injections, less is more. The overactive muscles targeted for treatment are the same. But with smaller doses, spread in a customised way is best practice. It shouldn’t be a standard formula for a facial spot ( like every frown gets x amount in the same spots).

Sensitivity to Anti Wrinkle Injections

Now sometimes it means you need to have treatments a little more often, but not always. Sensitivity to these medications is variable. Dr. Russell Katz, the FDA’s neurology director said in 2008, that the same dose may be more powerful in one patient compared with another. This is because sensitivity to the products vary. So why pay for more than you need?

Remember these are schedule 4 prescription drugs in Australia and cannot be legally used in anyone without a doctor consulting with that person.

So, when you are thinking about  anti wrinkle treatment, look for a skilled professional. Someone who can customise your treatment to your face to achieve a natural look.


Our approach is centred on personalisation. An initial consultation will ensure we can offer you bespoke, medically-backed guidance around which customised treatments will enable you to achieve long-lasting natural, targeted results, and healthy glowing skin.