Consultation required before first treatment

At the Mayah Clinic we will customise your treatment for you and your individual needs.

As a result, we recommend a consultation prior to a filler treatment. This ensures that you understand what you can achieve with fillers, make a plan for a treatment to suit you, create a treatment plan and give you a quote.

Filler is priced by volume and product used, so prices can vary from as little as $100, up to several thousand dollars for a full face treatment.

You may be treated with several different types of filler at the one time to customise your result.

Botox and Cosmetic fillers in Newcastle

Want fresher-looking lips and skin?


Wrinkles, lines, facial folds, thin lips


Dermal filler

We use dermal fillers to treat lips, lines, wrinkles and facial folds, as well as general facial shape improvement. They’re a safe way of plumping up lines and creases.

The bonus?

You get immediate results.

Fillers are great for

  • Thinner lips
  • Scarring, including acne scarring
  • Creases and folds around your nose, mouth and eyes
  • Sculpting face shape
  • Enhancing cheeks
  • Hydrating skin and improving skin quality

Treatment involves injection into the skin so you may experience some discomfort. However, we can use local anaesthetic to minimise this. Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and can last for more than a year.

Remember you have the advantage of being treated in a medical clinic performing your treatments with a sterile technique, in a professional setting.

You’ll find Dr Kathryn and her team are caring and considerate, and take care to ensure you feel safe and secure in your choices.

As with all our treatments, we’ll discuss your individual aesthetic goals and work out a plan that you’re comfortable with.

Rest assured that we are conservative with use of fillers.

To talk about how we can help you with dermal fillers, call us on 02 4954 5044 for an appointment.