Lip Enhancement

before and after Lip filler Enhancement

Are your lips letting you down?


Thin lips, “smoker’s lines”, ageing lips


Dermal filler and laser in combination

What treatments can improve my lip area?

When we think about lips, we usually think of dermal fillers and they are usually part of any lip rejuvenation. But there are other modalities that can be used around the mouth, including lasers of different kinds, and dermapen treatments. It is important to keep the contours around the mouth natural, or the result can be quite strange.

At the Mayah Clinic we want your results to be beautiful and enhance your whole face. As a result, often combining modalities will achieve the best outcome.

When using dermal fillers in the lips, there are several excellent products to choose from depending on the size of your mouth and the size of your face and your age. The choice needs to be made individually. Sometimes only the smallest amount of filler is required to achieve best results.

Don’t get sold the story of lip enhancement always needing a certain amount of a particular filler and so costing a set fee for everyone. The cost should be as individual as the treatment should be.

Our team will also make sure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible with plenty of time for anaesthetic as required.

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