COVID Hair loss with Dr Holmes

I have been hearing from clients who have had COVID in this latest Omicron wave about hair loss – both from their head and their lashes and brows. It is not uncommon for stressful events in our lives, or serious illness to result in hair loss several months later. This is because to preserve energy, our bodies “freeze” the fast-growing cells in our hair follicles, resulting in a lot of our hair follicles ending up in the same growth cycle. Even blocks of dense hair loss – alopecia, has been seen.
In our hair’s growth cycle, hair grows, moves up through the hair follicle and gradually falls out as a new hair regrows in the base of the follicle. You may be aware of this process if you have had hair removal laser treatments, and had hair cycle explained to you, so you understood why you don’t achieve full permanent hair reduction from one laser treatment.
So, if this has happened to you, you are not alone AND – there are things you can do about it.
Firstly – grab an Eye Envy Conditioning and growth serum. Yes, it really works for brows and lashes. Seeing is believing if you haven’t used this product before. Add the mascara which provides extra strength for those growing lashes to prevent drying out and snapping and you are sorted there. I had a patient who lost part of her eyebrow to Shingles and is regrowing it with success.
Then there is PRP for hair growth on your head. Once you are feeling well again and your iron levels are good, using your own bloods growth factors injected into the scalp is another very effective way to boost your hair growth again. This is worthwhile as some people will notice if they have had this “after stress’ hair loss, that their hair never comes back to the thickness it was originally. You would need 3 treatments 6 weeks apart ideally.


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