Dr Kathryn Holmes Cosmetic Physician in Newcastle

Dr Kathryn Holmes

Your clinician, Dr Kathryn Holmes, is committed to giving you a treatment that suits you best.

You can book a skin consultation and assessment with Dr. Holmes to provide you with a diagnosis, education about available treatment options and a customised plan for you. Our Dermal Therapist is also able to analyse your skin, monitor your progress through your treatment journey and answer any questions, referring you to Dr. Holmes if required.

We can manage a wide range of skin issues

  • acne
  • redness
  • vascular spots
  • unwanted pigmentation
  • skin tags
  • sunspots
  • seborrheic keratoses
  • actinic keratoses
  • moles
  • sebaceous hyperplasia
  • excessive sweating

Skin Consultations

Dr. Holmes provides a full and comprehensive assessment of you and your skin at an initial visit. This will usually involve providing you with a written treatment plan, or list of options for your consideration. If there are medical issues requiring prescriptions these will be provided. They may include compounded customised creams for reducing pigmentation, acne medication, and so on. As required you will have regular follow up/ review consultations.
Our aim is to provide accessible support, advice and follow up as it is needed. We want to be partners with you in the ongoing journey of your skin care.


This device uses electrical energy to treat a variety of skin lesions.

These include small vessels, red spots, skin tags, milia, xanthoma, sebaceous Keratoses (“ barnacles!”), and other lumps and bumps.

It can burn the skin surface, or heat under the surface without burning skin. There will be redness after a treatment that can last several days.

Healing time will depend on the settings used and the condition being treated.


this means using extreme cold to destroy tissue. It can be used for any lumps and bumps and can be a quick cheap effective treatment.

You will be advised about the best time to use it when your concerns are assessed. If used aggressively it can cause blistering and white patches of skin when the area heals. However this can often be avoided by method of application.

The pros and cons of any treatment will always be discussed with you.


Sometimes a spot, lump, mole or patch of skin may need to be sent to pathology, or simply be cut out as best treatment.

Dr. Holmes is able to advise you about this and perform small procedures in the clinic. She may refer you for larger excisions.