Brown Spots/ Irregular pigmentation


Dark patches of skin on face, hyper-pigmentation


Topical prescription creams, maintenance topical products then Broadband Light and Laser

What is melasma?

Melasma is a very common, patchy, brown, tan or blue-grey facial discolouration. Generally, it occurs in women in their reproductive years. It’s thought to be related to family history, skin type, sun exposure, birth control pills and hormonal changes.

No matter if your melasma has been there for years or has just appeared, we can help you.

Treatment plan

We’ll discuss a treatment plan with you and then get started.

Because melanocytes in this condition are particularly sensitive to irritation, they can be stimulated to produce more melanin in some people by UV light exposure, laser or IPL if not treated carefully. Management can be complex, long term and requires management by a specialist. Too often, heavy-handed treatment by those less experienced can worsen the condition.

Think of controlling the problem in two ways: preventing pigment gain and promoting pigment loss.

Dr Kathryn and our skilled team are here to reassure you and give you the best possible care to help you manage this skin problem.

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