Fillers, Fillers, Fillers!

While dermal fillers can be a part of our approach to healthy glowing skin at the Mayah
Clinic, they are not the only tool. We are about SKIN and there is a lot more to achieving and maintaining beautiful skin than injecting fillers in it.

And then there is the question of how you use them.

I have recently been reminded, (by a new to this clinic), of what can happen when people are not assessed properly at each visit but just injected every 6 months with whatever they had before – or whatever they ask for. The area being repeatedly treated can just get bigger and natural proportions are lost. We know now that commonly used hyaluronic fillers can last for much longer than we thought – certainly longer than 6 months!
But to stop this over-filling happening, the injector (in this case in a clinic owned by a cosmetic surgeon), would have had to assess the patient and send them away with no filler – but with advice around their ongoing care using different modalities. This had not happened over many years of visits. Perhaps only injectables were offered there and as a result, they were used regardless of best practice.
We were able to have a conversation – I was able to listen – and we formed a new plan for the future.

In another case, a regular patient was booked in for lip filler. I felt there was still actually enough volume present, but asked about what they saw in the mirror and why it might be that they felt more volume was needed. It transpired that there was a little asymmetry that had developed over time and all that was needed was a small correction. Natural results. Happy Client.

REMEMBER: dermal fillers are prescription medical products.
AND – although there seems to be a cosmetic injector on every corner, – more and more side effects are being reported with dermal fillers. As well as that, some side effects are being reported and researched with Hyalase use. Hyalase is the product that dissolves hyaluronic acid fillers. It is absolutely a part of the emergency management of filler complications. If you don’t ever want to have hyalase used on you, you just can’t have a dermal filler treatment, it’s as simple as that. Consenting to the use of hyalase in an emergency situation (eg. Where filler may have blocked a blood vessel), is part of our filler injection consent form.


Our approach is centred on personalisation. An initial consultation will ensure we can offer you bespoke, medically-backed guidance around which customised treatments will enable you to achieve long-lasting natural, targeted results, and healthy glowing skin.