Inner Beauty

Treating your skin with a holistic Approach from the inside out.



Imbibe was founded with one singular purpose: to offer Next Generation pure bio-active and bio-available products that are as beautiful as they are potent. Our products blend the best cutting edge innovations in science and bio-active technology with delicious potent beauty boosting ingredients.


The Inner Beauty Duo has been formulated with our team of microbiologists and scientists to deliver a range that works synergistically to plump and firm skin and nourish the health of your gut with every delicious sip.



Hair, skin and nails formula.

Clinically formulated and shown to stimulate collagen synthesis, increase skin elasticity and cellular hydration from within the skin matrix when used daily and taken as part of a healthy balanced diet.

The specific molecular weight is 2kDa which stimulates the skin cells to produce more collagen.

This readily absorbed bio-available breakthrough formula with 18 amino acids (both essential and non-essential) including the very special amino acid glycine, provides the building blocks for healthy collagen production.



This delicious bio-fermented multi-strain probiotic concentrate unleashes a wave of skin hydrating properties to promote elasticity and improve your gut health which is a major plus for beautiful, dewy skin.

Our Beauty Renewal contains approx 6 billion probiotics per serve and super specific probiotics for skin health. These include 4 different strains of Lactobacillus, 2 different strains of Bifidobacterium and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The cocktail of skin nourishing ingredients featuring bio-fermented coconut water, grapeseed and pomegranate promote that gorgeous skin glow and lit-from-within feeling.



Your ingestible skincare routine is as simple as adding a scoop of Miracle Collagen to your morning coffee and a shot of Beauty Renewal to your water.


Bestow beauty is a natural range of organic super food blends formulated by a leading New Zealand dermo-nutritionist Janine Tait. It is part of a philosophy of ‘Slow Beauty’, and has been introduced to the Mayah Clinic as part of our move towards holistic skin health.


Bestow Beauty Oil and Beauty Powder make up the Twin Skin Essentials, providing the essential nutrients for your skin health. The Oil provides Essential fatty acids and needs to be mixed with food, one tablespoon a day. The Beauty Powder contains 8 superfoods rich in nutrients your skin needs for producing collagen and elastin. Thanks to our modern lifestyle we are not usually getting enough of these regularly from our diet. Again, the powder is best absorbed by our bodies when mixed with food each day.


In addition to a cleansing power and antioxidant powder, there are beautiful organic teas in the range and recipe books .