Let’s talk about Microneedling with Dr Holmes

All microneedling is not the same.

20 years ago we were all using dermarollers. These devices were handles attached to little metal drums with needles of a certain length poking out all over them. Of course you can still buy these for home use. They had a couple of disadvantages. You were stuck with one needle length which would not be optimal for all areas of skin AND because of the nature of the rolling action, sometimes the needles pierced the skin vertically but sometimes they were on an angle. This caused more skin trauma than was needed to get results ( and was painful).  But get results they did. Many studies showed the reliable boosting effect on collagen resulting in an improvement of lines and scarring.

Now we have electrical/ battery driven needling devices. These devices allow adjustment of the needle length for the different areas of the face. Used correctly, these fine titanium needles are piercing the skin vertically every time. Also, the device speed can be adjusted for more comfortable  and effective treatments.

So, best, most comfortable treatments rely on the quality of the device and skill of the operator.

But that’s not all!! ( want fries with that?).

We now know that microneedling is a simple effective way to amplify the absorption of active skin ingredients. This means even better results  by getting a deep penetration of those actives.  This means changes in rosacea, or pigmentation like melasma can also be achieved. Of course not ALL skin ingredients are safe to introduce more deeply into the skin – again – you want a trained professional with the best products for safe and effective treatments.

Dermapen is Australian. Superior Australian – Developed Technology. Dermapen 4 delivers the ultimate in advanced microneedling and can create anastounding 1920 puncture channels pre second, up to 104% faster than other microneedling devices. Your Dermapen treatment at the Mayah Clinic with include the option of numbing cream, active ampoules added in treatment specific to your skin concerns, and a post treatment calming hydrating mask.


Our approach is centred on personalisation. An initial consultation will ensure we can offer you bespoke, medically-backed guidance around which customised treatments will enable you to achieve long-lasting natural, targeted results, and healthy glowing skin.