Let’s talk about Milia with Dr Holmes

Ever wondered what the little white bumps in your skin are?

They might be Milia, often mistaken for whiteheads. They are actually keratin filled cysts that form under the skin. Nick-named “milk- spots” because they are often seen in newborns, they occur regularly in children and adults.

Most often they occur due to dead skin building up and getting trapped in the pores near the surface of the skin. When this build up can’t get expelled naturally, it can become a small cyst.

Around the eye area, the wrong type of eye cream can result in Milia developing. The skin in this area is thinner with less circulation and may not be able to absorb some creams properly. There are other causes of Milia too. These include trauma to the skin, including sun damage, or infection, lack of good cleansing, or too much oil-based skin care or make-up.

How can milia be treated?

Well, the gold standard is having a Milia extraction visit to the Clinic!

When these cysts are lifted out of the skin with a sterile needle or lance, they are gone straight away. Sometimes this is not a complete solution because of the size or number of the cysts, and other in Clinic methods will be recommended. Sometimes an electrical zapper – called a hyfrecator may be needed. Also, a regular Enzyme Facial is a great way to reduce the appearance of new cysts, by use of acids and deep cleansing. It can even shrink some of the small milia.

What can you do at home?

  • Thorough cleansing every night. A double cleanse with maybe an oil cleanser, or micellar water (especially if you have milia around the eyes) to remove makeup etc., followed by massaging a hydrating cleanser across the skin is the best option.
  • Retinol (Vitamin A) is very helpful for fighting and preventing Milia. Ask a us for suggestions.
  • Lifestyle choices -limit intake of cholesterol-rich food (meat, eggs, etc.), take a Vitamin D supplement, avoid heavy oil-based makeup and limit sun exposure (we can recommend in clinic what best suits your skin and budget.)


Our approach is centred on personalisation. An initial consultation will ensure we can offer you bespoke, medically-backed guidance around which customised treatments will enable you to achieve long-lasting natural, targeted results, and healthy glowing skin.