Let’s Talk About Products at the Mayah Clinic

Dr Kathryn Holmes Cosmetic Physician in Newcastle
Dr. Kathryn Holmes, The Mayah Clinic

At The Mayah Clinic we carry several skincare ranges. These are all researched highly active and effective ranges.

So why do we need them all?

It is because we are not all the same, and our needs and our preferences in skincare can be different. When you visit this clinic, we aim to recommend the best skincare for you, based on our knowledge of both you skin AND you. Some of our clients will only ever use a minimum number of products, so we may recommend a product that packs the most punch for their specific issues in one or two products. Other people are happy to use several products in order to improve all aspects of their skin.

Below is a general overview of these products explained by Dr. Holmes.


Since 1992 RATIONALE has delivered luminous skin for life.

This range is great for all ages, and is based on a 6 essential baseline products to be used everyday. These amazing skin identical formulations will synchronise with the skin’s physiology at every stage of life. UV damage is reversed, irregular skin tone is improved, the skin immune system boosted, hydration improved and firmness & elasticity improved.

We would think of it straight away in people with dull, sun damaged skin. No.5 (Catalyst Serum) and No.6 (DNA Night cream) at night will visibly change this type of skin in a matter of weeks.

This is an all round game changer.

The range also includes additional products to the essential 6 to specifically target hydration, breakout prone, congested skin, and sensitive, irritation prone skin. Their world leading sunscreen is amazingly light and easy to use with broad spectrum cover, and SPF 50. It is one of our most popular products.

In clients with congestion and larger pores, this is a great product. And in clients who want to start a range that will carry them through from their 30’s to their 70’s and adapt with the changes in their skin with time, fighting sundamage, and strengthening skin, balancing oils and PH to create a healthy skin microbiome, this is a great range.

As with all our skincare,  it is best to have the correct products prescribed at the clinic for your skin needs.


This European product was developed after years of research. It’s remarkable patented technology focuses on reversing the  signs of ageing and sun damage in skin. The key technology uses 2 patented key ingredients.

The first is a stem cell activator. It stimulates our skin stem cells to replicate and replace lost  cells. This in turn supports the proteins vital to the support of skin’s integrity. The second is a growth factor complex that is proven to help the appearance of lines and wrinkles and enhance texture and tone.

They carry a very popular eye cream duo, which uses this base technology and builds on that for the specific issues of eye skin ( eg. Puffiness, dark circles etc).

 (There are some products in this range for skin brightening,and pigmentation reduction specifically also. )

We would generally think of this range in clients whose main issues are the signs of ageing and collagen loss ( ie lines, wrinkles and sagginess). We have seen some great results on neck skin with this range.

This is also the range with the fantastic post treatment products. We recommend the SCA40 serum from this range following laser or microneedling to speed up healing and build collagen.

It is also the product that produces the fabulous results in the Escargot Glow Microneedling treatments.


This range was developed by Dr. Ronald Moy initially to treat pre-cancerous skin lesions in a way that didn’t irritate the skin ( like Efudix and Aldara).  It has been shown in his research to be very effective in this way, as well as reducing the rates of BCCs ( Basal Cell Carcinomas) and SCCs ( Squamous Cell Carcinomas), with regular use.

 The DNA repair enzymes concentrated in this product migrate into the cells and actually repair DNA damaged by UV light.

There is a day cream and night cream with this skin technology. For people with a history of actinic keratosis ( pre cancerous crusty spots), or skin cancers, this would be my first choice. It is also a simple regime for people who want to keep it simple. Skin will generally improve in many ways if you repair the DNA damage, so can be seen as an “easy” fix.

There is also a growth factor serum in this range to target collagen production for improvement of lines and wrinkles.


This product is new world wide for oestrogen deficient skin. Starting in their forties, women start develop a relative oestrogen reduction. Then, of  course, after menopause, there is a collagen production crash! Of course ingredients in our previously discussed product ranges help boost collagen production. However, there are some women who struggle to keep up with these oestrogen changes. Enter a non-steroid, non-hormonal technology to turn on those skin oestrogen receptors. Dryness, irritation, sensitivity, reactivity, and irregular skin tone can all respond to this. And lines and firmness etc in the longer term. There is a serum for the day, which includes niacinamide and antioxidants. Then a night cream with higher levels of the active ingredient as well as retinol. Again, a simple approach for women aware of the effects of their oestrogen deficiency.


Biretix is our effective, well researched, acne range for younger clients, with a price point perfect for this age group.


This little additional serum is unique. It is a peptide product that reduces the lines of expression. If you want to get longer between anti-wrinkle injection treatments, or want to avoid anti-wrinkle treatments, this is for you.

So still sound confusing? Come and see us and have a consultation about what is the best fit for you!


Our approach is centred on personalisation. An initial consultation will ensure we can offer you bespoke, medically-backed guidance around which customised treatments will enable you to achieve long-lasting natural, targeted results, and healthy glowing skin.