Makeup Tips

Do you find sometimes you get stuck following trends you see in the media, or just repeating ways of doing makeup that you have done for many years? Well let me suggest a few things to think about.

The trend has been thick, dark, perfectly defined brows.
(I know, Hailey Bieber made the news – sadly – for going back to 90s skinny eyebrows, and Kim K bleached hers at one point but so far that hasn’t stuck in the real world). Now even on a young fair skinned person this can look very severe. But, if you are little older, they will risk looking very fake and very severe. They will make any lines near your eyes stand out more. They make you look less approachable.
Better to use a brow kit to lift and shape the brows with a softer colour and emphasising the natural hair strokes. (eg. Jane Iredale Bitty brow kit). Lifting the brows will open up the eyes too. If growing brows is a problem, try the CanGRO lash and brow growing serum. We are loving it at the Mayah Clinic.

Using back eyeliner all around the eye is a big mistake (unless you’re 15 years old with big Bambi eyes). It will close your eye and make it look smaller, as well as emphasising lines around the eyes. You can use a liner under the eyes – but something softer – not black and not all the way along. This is much more youthful.

YES. Make sure you are lifting from the roots. Mascara helps to open the eyes. It is mystery to me as to why I see young people (mostly), with these super heavy thick lash extensions that close up the eye. They distract from the eyes themselves. I think we’ve forgotten what lash enhancement is supposed to achieve. For longer lashes try the CanGRO lash growing serum. And no mascara that will dry or break off lashes. Try the CanGro strengthening mascara.

So – bottom line is makeup is fun sure, but every day makeup should enhance, not distract or age a face. And the BEST thing you can bring to your makeup is fresh glowing healthy skin!

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