What are DNA Repair Enzymes?

DNA Repair Enzymes!

Technology in genetics is an amazing and exciting frontier!

What has been discovered in gene science is certainly pointing towards a total change in our approach to disease and health into the future. Telomeres, Epigenomes, DNA repair, stem cell activators, gut health and its effect on brain function, and so on are just some of the areas researchers are excited about investigating further . “Anti-aging Medicine ” is such a exploding field that a lot of traditional medical practitioners are unable to keep up with the new developments. At the same time we must not get ahead of real evidence – all new discoveries must be put to the test.

So what are DNA Repair Enzymes?

DNA repair enzymes are one of these areas that can directly affect skin health and skin repair. DNA Repair enzymes are the skins natural protection against raging and UV sun damage. BUT, of course, the amount of these enzymes decreases significantly after the age of 30. Research from the National institute of Health in the USA (NIH) has shown that replenishing these enzymes in the skin increases the detection and repair of DNA damage. In this way, effects of UV damage – brown spots, wrinkles, discolouration of skin, sagging skin with less springiness can be improved. The study of DNA Repair Enzymes won a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2015. As seen in the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, this action of repair of DNA damage plays a major role in fighting skin cancer.

Exciting news!

Some top skin care lines can now offer you active DNA repair enzymes in a cream or serum. These can be absorbed effectively through your skin. As with all great skincare ingredients, you still need to check that the brand you are using has been studied itself to show good absorption and effective results. You might think that this is fantastic! ( IT IS!) You might think that this one product can do everything you need for your skin. You might think that if you can repair UV damage you won’t have to worry about sunscreen! But no! (Of course, it is true that if you are currently doing nothing topical for your skin and at least do this, you will see good changes). However, studies have shown that we still need a good sunscreen. Studies have also shown that there is an additive affect with the use of antioxidants ( VitA, VitC, VitE).



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